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Ariano Irpino, corsi Unisannio a Palazzo Bevere

Palazzo Bevere-Gambacorta will host the teaching activities of Unisannio. The agreement between the town of Tricolle and the Benevento university was signed for the transfer of the courses from Palazzo Forte to the building in via mancini. The start of new works to eliminate architectural barriers, the inauguration in spring.

Palazzo Bevere-Gambacorta will host the teaching activities of Unisannio. In fact, an agreement was signed between the municipality of Tricolle and the Benevento university, for the transfer of the advanced training courses, masters and didactic experiments, which are already held in Ariano Irpino, from Palazzo Forte, in the Via Mancini building. . The municipal administration immediately prepared, at the request of Unisannio, an expert report to carry out a further expansion of the existing networks and systems in order to eliminate architectural barriers entirely. The expenditure to support the report, prepared by the engineers Ciasullo and Cardinal Ciccotti, entails for the municipality an additional expense of over 70 thousand euros, sum of recovered from a 2017 budget change approved by the Tricolle council. The building which has been restored thanks to a regional financing of 4 million and 400 thousand euros, will see the works probably completed in the spring, when in addition to the official inauguration, the lessons of the mrbraindumps Samnite university will also be transferred. In addition to university courses, the building will also host other activities related to culture and the development and promotion of youth entrepreneurial activities. 

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